10 Facts About Email

1. 1.3 billion people send emails. pling email a widely used service on the Internet after the Word Wide Web. According to the Radicati Group study, in August 2008 there were 1.4 billion and 1.3 billion email accounts worldwide users.

2. Morse code for the @ symbol appeared since 2004. This code reads. -. -. which is a combination of a letter, followed by a c without pause. In practice password @ is difficult. For letters,, at ", oang menggunaka password. - And is shorter.

3. First Spam Email
Large amounts of spam email was first sent in May 1978 by Gary Thuerk, computer sellers in the U.S. computer store, Digital Equipment Corporation. From a list of emails that have been in print, Thuerk looking Arpanet users (forerunner of the Internet), are living in the west coast of the United States and then send the ad offers new computers to about 600 people.

4. Email in Bed
Dala an AOL studu conclude Email usage patterns of Americans. 67% of respondents opened the email on the four sleep or after being in bed with his pajamas (nightgown).

5. Inventor of Email
In the early 1960s, Samuel Ray Tomlinson developed a file transfer protocol (CPYNET) that can transfer files between two computers. Computer experts later mengembangka this protocol in order to send a message. However, Tomlinson could not remember what was in the first email.

6. Postal Laws of Power Electronics
From 2010, Email lets you send documents that have the force of law between citizens and state officials. Emails from government agencies in encryption, but still readable pemerinta leh.

7. Email the President
The U.S. president's official email, president@whitehouse.gov first made in 1993. For 8 out leadership Bill Clinton just wrote two emails. First and second a test email to astronaut John Glenn was orbiting.

8. Male, Female, or Neutral
In the rules of grammar, gender word "e-mail" was not uniform for some countries. In German the word e-mail gets female gender, whereas gender neutral Switzerland. Although in pengucapanya remains the same.

9. Create Email Attachment Swelling
Create email attachment grew one-third its original size. The reason email in format to the character set, by 7 bits while the image or text document with 8-bit binary data. When converted into Base64 format, the space required to grow 36 percent.

10. Laugh :-)
Emoticons are often used in this email was already in use since 12 April 1979. Kevon McKenzie, a member of a discussion mail, proposing to add symbols that express emotions that communication is not boring.

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