Flowers Raflesia in Bogor Botanical Garden Back Blooming

Patma giant Rafflesia flower that is at the Botanical Gardens Bogor, West Java, back in bloom after the year 2010. Travelers can see rare plants endemic to Indonesia from 2 to 4 November 2012 as the flowering of only 3 days!

This is the fourth time patma Rafflesia blooms in Bogor Botanical Garden since 2010. In that year, three flowers bloom on June 3, June 18, and July 20. Today is Friday (2/11), this giant flower blooms again. Travelers can be visited directly Bogor Botanical Gardens to see it directly.

"The flowers bloom later than 3 days, tomorrow might be the last," said Dr. Joko Ridho Witono, Chief Ex-situ Conservation, Center for Plant Conservation LIPI Bogor Botanical Gardens, when contacted detikTravel, Saturday (03/11/2012).

Not only tourists, Indonesia's endemic plants are always the target of the world's scientists. Existence began to diminish. One cause of scarcity is a parasite biological properties that depend on the host tree.

Therefore, in general Rafflesia can only be seen in its natural habitat. Bogor Botanical Gardens as a center for plant conservation with a mission to save rare plants, the best option tourists to see these giant flowers.

From the official website quoted the Bogor Botanical Gardens detikTravel, currently there are 17 known species of Rafflesia in Indonesia. One of the famous is the Rafflesia arnoldii of Sumatra with a diameter of up to 1 meter. From dozens of these types, R. patma as contained in the Bogor Botanical Gardens was first discovered. Precisely in 1797 by Auguste Deschamps, a French naturalist.

Well, for those of you who do not have plans this weekend, Bogor Botanical Gardens is the best option to spend the holidays. Come on, when else see the giant Rafflesia flower bloom in sight?

"In the Bogor Botanical Gardens, which would be able to see area Endangered Plant Reintroduction Nurseries. There really prompts the board," said Joko.

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